An extensive range of robust fittings and weatherproof products.


Connectivity solutions such as high brackets, busbars, and connector pins.

Power Transmission & Distribution

Connectors & structural components for cutouts, transformers, & substations.


Complex sensor housings & fracture-critical products.


Robust castings and assemblies for everyday appliances.

Commercial Hardware

Finished components for commercial & residential hardware applications.

Electronics & Telecom

Precision metal stamped sensors, connectors and cast housings & covers.

Fluid Power

Durable, precision products for high-pressure applications.

Food & Beverage

Handles, leveling pins, flow valves & button housings.


Custom housings to fully assembled commercial & industrial light fixtures.


Durable corrosion-resistant engineered castings and subassemblies.

Medical & Dental

Medical-grade parts for implants, housings, manifolds, and pumps.

Oil & Gas

Custom housings and covers for flow control, pressure valves & meters.

Power Tools

Durable yet lightweight custom metal housings.


Innovative precision metal stamped parts.

High Pressure Die Casting

High-pressure liquid metal is pressed into a precision metal mold cavity, and then cooled & solidified under pressure.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive, agricultural, electronics, and medical.

Sand Casting

Castings with complex shapes & inner cavities that are produced in a sand mold

Ideal for parts with complex shapes and inner cavities

Gravity Die Casting

A mold is filled with liquid metal using gravity and cooled and solidified in the mold to obtain a casting

Ideal for parts with complex shapes made with steel, aluminum or magnesium alloys

Investment Casting

A process used to obtain a mold without a parting surface; creates parts with high dimensional & geometric accuracy

Ideal for near-net shaped parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements

Partner Services

Custom Tooling, Machining, Surface Finishing, Special Purpose Machine Design & Development

Precision Metal Stamping

More than 80 presses convert metal sheets into custom parts

Ideal for parts for electronic connectors and microprocessor chips

Swiss Screw Machining

A specialized CNC machine capable of producing extremely small, precise parts

Ideal for complex miniature screws, contact pins & micro-fasteners

Partner Services

Rapid Prototypes, Heat Treating, Automated Assembly

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CEO visits Pune Plants, gets updated on new technology and processes, and honors team members’ years of service to Sigma Engineered Solutions.

In his first facility visit of 2023, President & CEO Vagner Finelli made the trip to Pune, India with CHRO Dan Johnson and Board Member Joe Del Toro.  Their multi-day trip to see some of our over 4000 team members was led by COO Niteen Inamdar.

The group spent the first day touring the Pune Operations, looking at new technology and production implemented throughout our manufacturing processes, reviewing new parts that Sigma has begun producing for new markets, and reviewing each plant’s safety procedures.

“We have added new technology in our Pune Plants, and I wanted to see firsthand how that technology has increased production and productivity,” said CEO Finelli.  “Additionally, I wanted to thank and celebrate with everyone who had a part in our AS9100 certification here.  I am continually pleased with our team’s strides in improving our processes, maintaining a safe work environment, and creating the best-in-class products offered.”

The AS9100 certification for Sigma’s Pune A5 Plant is the second AS9100D certification following our Markesan, WI facilities continued accreditation since 2017.  This certification allows Sigma to design, develop, or provide aviation, space, and defense products and services, including parts, components, and assemblies domestically or internationally.

The trip wrapped up on the second day honoring 25 employees for their years of service to the company.  “The dedication these employees have shown to Sigma Engineered Solutions is incredible,” said CHRO Dan Johnson.  “They are part of an amazing backbone that makes up this great company.”

Congratulations to the following employees from Pune for their service:

Hone Gorakh Tukaram 25 years
Ismail Amin Attar 25 years
Devidas Sukhadev Gawari 25 years
Kedari Amagonda Patil 25 years
Bhosale Ganesh Vithal 25 years
Ganesh Gangaram Nanaware 25 years
Santosh Sitaram Gurav 25 years
Milind Mukund Bhide 20 years
Shankarappa Birappa Hajeri 20 years
Dinesh Ramdas Shelke 20 years
Srinivas Narayan Chennuri 20 years
Atul Walekar 15 years
Dattatray Shankar Phatak 15 years
Pande Rahul Ratnakar 15 years
Sudhir Gangadhar Dokhe 15 years
Deviprasad Gautam 15 years
Gajanan Suryabhan More 15 years
Bhutambare Tanaji Dhondibhau 10 years
Pradeep Prabhakar Kochure 10 years
Gunjal Satish Patilbuva 10 years
Ajinkya Chandarakant Narkar 10 years
Jitendra Markand Patle 10 years
Atul Dashrath Kadam 10 years
Uday Prakash Gaikwad 10 years
Ganesh Dnyaneshwar Jaid 10 years