An extensive range of robust fittings and weatherproof products.


Connectivity solutions such as high brackets, busbars, and connector pins.

Power Transmission & Distribution

Connectors & structural components for cutouts, transformers, & substations.


Complex sensor housings & fracture-critical products.


Robust castings and assemblies for everyday appliances.

Commercial Hardware

Finished components for commercial & residential hardware applications.

Electronics & Telecom

Precision metal stamped sensors, connectors and cast housings & covers.

Fluid Power

Durable, precision products for high-pressure applications.

Food & Beverage

Handles, leveling pins, flow valves & button housings.


Custom housings to fully assembled commercial & industrial light fixtures.


Durable corrosion-resistant engineered castings and subassemblies.

Medical & Dental

Medical-grade parts for implants, housings, manifolds, and pumps.

Oil & Gas

Custom housings and covers for flow control, pressure valves & meters.

Power Tools

Durable yet lightweight custom metal housings.


Innovative precision metal stamped parts.

High Pressure Die Casting

High-pressure liquid metal is pressed into a precision metal mold cavity, and then cooled & solidified under pressure.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive, agricultural, electronics, and medical.

Sand Casting

Castings with complex shapes & inner cavities that are produced in a sand mold

Ideal for parts with complex shapes and inner cavities

Gravity Die Casting

A mold is filled with liquid metal using gravity and cooled and solidified in the mold to obtain a casting

Ideal for parts with complex shapes made with steel, aluminum or magnesium alloys

Investment Casting

A process used to obtain a mold without a parting surface; creates parts with high dimensional & geometric accuracy

Ideal for near-net shaped parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements

Partner Services

Custom Tooling, Machining, Surface Finishing, Special Purpose Machine Design & Development

Precision Metal Stamping

More than 80 presses convert metal sheets into custom parts

Ideal for parts for electronic connectors and microprocessor chips

Swiss Screw Machining

A specialized CNC machine capable of producing extremely small, precise parts

Ideal for complex miniature screws, contact pins & micro-fasteners

Partner Services

Rapid Prototypes, Heat Treating, Automated Assembly

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Innovation at Sigma

Purposeful innovation – the continual improvement and innovation of custom-designed and precision-made products and solutions.

Engineered Solutions

Sigma offers solutions for complex product characteristics and technical requirements.

Global Supply Chain Management

U.S.-based supply chain management teams support our customers.

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Sigma is a vertically integrated single-source solution provider.

Jobs – Mexico

Production Supervisor

1. Make daily production and downtime report and publish it to the operations team (Maintenance, Quality, Plant Management, Production and Planning).
2. Supervise the fulfillment of the production program according to the number of scheduled parts and priorities.
3. Follow up on scrap and downtime in the machines in order to prevent and reduce it.
4. Manage the human resource necessary to produce.
5. Follow up on vacations, leaves, disabilities, absences, delays and personnel turnover with the Human Resources Department.
6. Monitor that your department’s personnel number is complete.
7. Ensure the necessary documentation for production (production reports, downtime, process sheets).
8. Coordinate and respond to corrective actions for problems of indiscipline or production.
9. Participate in the interview process of operators.
10. Manage and supervise the extra time needed when required.
11. Coordinate sweepstakes and rework.
12. Manage the food time for each operator and production group leader as well as schedule the coverage of the operation in those times.
13. Monitor that the tool required for the operation is available.
14. Supervise the tasks of the personnel in charge.
15. Troubleshooting
16. Enforces and respects safety standards, promotes, supports and participates in safety-related activities, as well as the Internal Work Regulations.

Academic background: Professional Career in Engineering or related career
Experience: 5 years of experience

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Quality Supervisor

Location: Juarez, Mexico

Job Description: The Quality Supervisor will be responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of our manufacturing processes in accordance with the ISO, Kaizen, and Lean Manufacturing methodologies. Responsibilities include designing quality procedures associated with incoming raw materials, in-house machining processes, and final assembly operations; coordinating inspectors; assigning tasks to quality inspectors; and monitoring and reporting of inspection instruments. 

Requirements: Bachelor’s in Engineering or similar field. 2+ years of experience as a Quality Supervisor or a similar position.

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